Wizard’s Resolve – Ozel the Wizard Book 3

A dark power. A kingdom hurtling toward war. This young wizard is in a whole horde of trouble…

Ozel finds joy in his kingdom’s peace. For the first time since the wizard discovered his true heritage, he’s able to consider a future without danger and bloodshed. Prepared to settle down and open his enchantment shop, his dream slips away when King Usta requests his help against a terrifying enemy…

With the land of Dilara still reeling from magical catastrophe, Ozel and his friends may be the kingdom’s best shot at overcoming a massive, unbeatable army. But as the foreboding power creeps closer to land, the former apprentice is unsure if he’s strong enough to protect both the living and the undead.

As the twisted wizardry swallows his home, can Ozel summon the magic he needs to defeat the impossible?

Wizard’s Resolve is the third book in a spellbinding YA fantasy series. If you like determined characters, do-or-die battles, and a sprinkle of humor, then you’ll love Jim Hodgson’s legendary tale.

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