Santa vs. Krampus

Your mall Santa is a wizard. All mall Santas are. They use a system of magic that relies on the emotional power of swear words to fight the forces of the evil Krampus.

Our main character, Daniel, has no idea about any of this. He just needs a seasonal job to get him through Winter break without starving to death. But then, on his first day as a Santa’s Helper, he nearly dies in an attack, but is saved by the Santas.

Does he have what it takes to learn to do magic and join the fight?

Santa vs. Krampus is the first book in a new series I have been thinking about for years now. I put it down for a couple of years because a movie called Krampus came out and I thought it might be too confusing. Time has passed and has come.

I hope you’ll like it.

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