Journeyman’s Trial – Ozel the Wizard Book 2

A missing friend. A magical catastrophe. When an evil conjurer crashes the wizard’s tournament, can one lowly apprentice save them all?

Ozel is quickly realizing there’s more to being a wizard’s apprentice than reciting spells. Between protecting villagers from nefarious conspirators and preparing for the fast-approaching magical tournament, he has his hands full. So it’s little wonder he’s lost track of his close friend who seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Traveling alongside his master on the road to the competition, his search for clues comes up empty. Not even magical festivities can distract him from the worry eating at his heart. And his worst fears about his friend’s fate seem to come true when a dark conjurer soaks the tournament grounds with innocent blood.

To defeat an evil wizard and rescue his friends, Ozel must draw on his budding magic before his apprenticeship ends in disaster.

Journeyman’s Trial is the second book in a spellbinding fantasy series. If you like plucky characters, magical battles, and enchanted mysteries, then you’ll love Jim Hodgson’s thrilling coming-of-age tale.

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