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A podcast in which writers craft a novel outline from scratch, on the spot, using a prompt. With your host Jim Hodgson. Subscribe on iTunes here:

2 – Love and Loss and Woodwinds with Ray_Thompson

If you’re near Atlanta, this month you can see me performing at Towne Cinema in Avondale May 25th. I will hosting Decaturish’s Folks To Give, a comedy show to support Find out more about that at This week we have a submission from Ray_Thompson. Find his work here: On twitter at…

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1 – Statement of Purpose

In this first-ever episode of The Outliners, I lay out what the podcast hopes to achieve as well as what it won’t be. I also take a swipe at GRRM. He’s rich. He can handle it. Many thanks to Sean Connery Probably for the introductory section. That was much appreciated, sir. Have a listen. Thank…

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