16 – Editor Garrett Marco and Dear Leader

Garrett puts me in the hot seat when he’s editing my work, so it’s only fair I should get to force him to come up with a novel idea on the spot, right? Right!

Today is that day, my friends! He edited Heart’s Racing and Ten Thousand Gods for me and did excellent work. I owe him much.

Find Garrett’s fine editing services at http://marcoediting.com/. Thanks for listening!

15 – Paul Dale and Future Cost

Special miniguest this week, the Girl Child makes an appearance while waiting for the bus. Our actual guest is Paul Dale, author of the amazing Dark Lord’s Handbook.

I love Dark Lord’s Handbook because it has such a reverence for fantasy tropes even as it is defying them or turning them on their heads. It’s a tough line to walk but Paul Dale handles it with great skill. If you’re into any kind of humorous fantasy I can guarantee you this is a book to read immediately.

Paul and I are both cyclists but, for the sake of the listener, we agreed not to discuss bikes for fear of boring you senseless. You’re welcome.

Find Paul Dale on his site here: http://www.pauladdale.co.uk/
And on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Dale/e/B0075CK60K/

Thanks for listening!

14 – Rhonda Parrish and Serial Killer Pizza

Rhonda Parrish is a shapeshifter with talents to match her every incarnation- magpie tenacity for picking the shiniest submissions, nightingale notes for crafting tales, and bright, feline eyes for seeking out her photographic subjects. She balances on the knife-edge of darkness and light, a sorceress of both realms.

Find her on the web here: http://www.rhondaparrish.com/
On Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Rhonda-Parrish/e/B00IN688KC

I had a ball talking to Rhonda and appreciate her appearing on the podcast, especially since she’s super busy right now trying to put together an anthology of short stories.

She claims to be someone who doesn’t outline, but she nailed it anyway!

13 – Leanna Adams and the Krakenist

I have been a Leanna Adams fan ever since I got the chance to work alongside her with the group Sketchworks here in Atlanta, GA. She’s in high demand these days so it was tough to get this episode recorded. At last, she had a break and was able to shoehorn us in.

You’ve most likely seen her acting, writing, or both on places like Funny or Die, or in your local film festival. She wins awards all over the place.

Having worked in a writer’s room and on set with Leanna I can tell you that we’re going to be seeing a lot of her. She has that combination of talent and professionalism.

Find out more about Leanna here: https://www.leannaadams.com/

Leanna and I deal with a watery, beastly proposition on this one. The Krakens are awakening. What does it mean? Are they our enemies? Find out!

Thanks for listening!

12 – Jim McDoniel and the Diaries of a Human

I hunted Jim McDoniel down and respectfully demanded that he be a guest on this podcast because I loved his book “An Unattractive Vampire” so much. I highly recommend it.

In the book, an ancient and properly evil vampire, Yulric Bile, awakens in our modern age to discover that vampires are fit, sexy, and worst of all, covered in glitter. Horrifying.

Book discussed, Jim must enter the crucible of outlining and do battle with a prompt from Scott Meyer. Which he does!

Find Jim on the web here: http://www.jimmcdoniel.com/
On Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jimmcdoniel

Jim was a great guest. I’m glad I hunted him down. I think you guys are going to like this episode a lot.

11 – Scott Meyer and the Warrior Race

Scott Meyer is the hilarious author of Off to Be the Wizard, The Authorities, and the new book Run Program. His fans, your humble host included, love his work for its deft implementation of humor while still telling an exciting story.

That is something easier said than done by far. But Scott has put in his time as a standup comic, which is one of three ways to grow comedy chops (the other two are improv and a genie).

If you’re into my work — humorous Science Fiction and Fantasy — you will unquestionably like Scott’s books. His latest is Run Program from 47North.

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10 – Catie Hogan and the High Seas

Catie Hogan is my friend and fellow sketch writer from Sketchworks here in Atlanta. When she started submitting sketches to Sketchworks, the rest of us in the writer’s room had to re-evaluate the level of our work to try to get up on the bar she raised. She’s that kind of good.

She’s also been on McSweeneys, the Scold, and she’s doing her best to help people understand what it takes to be financially literate while making them laugh. It’s a tall order, but she’s killing it.

Find her on McSweeney’s here: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/i-googled-intersectionality-so-now-im-totally-woke
Find her funny financial planner work here: https://www.aol.com/finance-collective/the-funny-financial-planner/
We both write for Sketchworks: http://www.sketchworkscomedy.com/

She also just started her own podcast with her sister: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/get-it-together-with-catie-and-erin/id1247294531?mt=2

Catie’s prompt came from John Hartness. I got really excited about this novel idea. I think you guys are gonna love it.

Thanks for listening!

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9 – John Hartness and the Wild Wild Life

John G. Hartness is a teller of tales, a righter of wrong, defender of ladies’ virtues, and some people call him Maurice, for he was named Maurice by his parents. No, not really.

He is also the best-selling author of the EPIC-Award-winning series The Black Knight Chronicles from Bell Bridge Books, a comedic urban fantasy series that answers the eternal question “Why aren’t there more fat vampires?”

Bubba the Vampire Slayer, Quincy Harker, Dark Fantasy with a side of snark, these are his milieu.

He participates in Drew Hayes’ Authors and Dragons podcast: http://www.drewhayesnovels.com/authorsanddragons/

He is also a co-founder of Falstaff books, a digital and print publishing company based in Charlotte, NC dedicated to bringing to life the best in fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and dramatic literature. http://falstaffbooks.com/

You can find his website at http://johnhartness.com

This was a ton of fun to record. John’s unbelievably good and fast at coming up with parts of his story. It’s a testament to what a person can do when they work hard on a lot of work.

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8 – Robert Bevan and The Stolen Car

Robert Bevan, English painter, 1865–1925? No! Robert Bevan the hugely popular author of the Caverns & Creatures series.

His latest is Critical Failures V (Caverns and Creatures Book 5).

I met Robert at Contraflow in New Orleans last year. Just before the con, not realizing I’d be paneling with him, I read Critical Failures 1, the entry to his universe. If you’re into what I do at all — humorous science fiction and/or fantasy — I can guarantee you you’ll dig his books.

Find his work at http://www.caverns-and-creatures.com/
He’s plenty active on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/robertbevanbooks

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7 – AC Fuller and the Great Old One

A.C. Fuller was kind enough several years ago to invite your humble host on his podcast, Writer 2.0, so this is my chance to return the favor.

He’s a good host, a fun guest, and he can outline like a champ. Well done, buddy. He’s done time as a journalist, and it shows well in his work. If there’s any time to take a deeper look at journalism, it has to be now.

His latest book is The Mockingbird Drive (An Alex Vane Media Thriller, Book 3): https://www.amazon.com/Mockingbird-Drive-Alex-Media-Thriller-ebook/dp/B06XZD3DYX/

Find him on the web here: http://acfuller.com
Or on Twitter at @ACFullerAuthor: http://twitter.com/acfullerauthor

Jim Hodgson as a guest on Writer 2.0:

Comedian and Novelist Jim Hodgson–Episode 63–September 30 2015

Thanks for joining me, AC! Glad to have the chance to return the favor.

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