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A podcast in which writers craft a novel outline from scratch, on the spot, using a prompt. With your host Jim Hodgson. Subscribe on iTunes here:

26 – Lydia Sherrer and the Planet of the Snakes

Lydia Sherrer is an award-winning USA Today bestseller and author of the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series. Find all of Lydia’s work on her website here: I met Lydia on a panel at Hypericon in Nashville, which got completely derailed when I inadvertently mentioned another author’s work. That set Lydia laughing for most…

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23 – Jonathan French and the Grey Bastards

On this episode I want to take a minute to celebrate friend of the podcast Jonathan French and his “The Grey Bastards” book launch with Crown. I recorded our conversation at Eagle Eye Books at his launch event so you’ll get to hear that too. Check out Jonathan’s work at his site here: In…

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