4 – Jonathan French and the Cave Bugs

My buddy Jonathan French stops by the house to try his luck at an outline. Find his books here and his twitter here.

His work has caught a lot of traction recently. So much so that he has signed a deal with Crown Publishing, where his work will join such books as Ready Player One, The Martian, and such authors as Barack Obama. THANKS, OBAMA.

Jonathan is a great dude. He’s like me in that he has an awesome wife and family. And he’s lots of fun to hang out with on writing panels … but can he compose an outline on the spot? Listen and find out!

This week’s topic comes to us from my pals from Reddit’s Writerchat subreddit and attendant IRC channel. Yeah, people still IRC. Can you believe it?

Thanks for listening!

3 – A Chipmunk’s Journey with Meghann Hodgson

Your pleas have been heard, folks. Starting now, this podcast will cease to be just me sorting through submitted podcasts. I have some author pals scheduled. Should be a lot of fun. As a show of good faith, this week we have a special guest: my wife, Meghann Hodgson. Together we work through The Hero’s Journey.

Find out more about The Hero’s Journey here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero%27s_journey

Thank you to Tone Milazzo, who was very kind to submit to the podcast. Find him on his web site or on twitter. His outline was too long for us to do it justice here on the podcast, which is 100% my fault. I was not clear enough with regards to that for which I was asking. Can you imagine?

Shout out to my #writerchat crew on snoonet.org IRC. Come on in and talk writing with us if you are so inclined.

2 – Love and Loss and Woodwinds with Ray_Thompson

If you’re near Atlanta, this month you can see me performing at Towne Cinema in Avondale May 25th. I will hosting Decaturish’s Folks To Give, a comedy show to support care.org. Find out more about that at folkstogive.com

This week we have a submission from Ray_Thompson. Find his work here:

Ray’s idea/theme/message: A story of love and loss and woodwinds (A comedy)

Have a listen to hear Ray’s submitted outline plus one artisanally crafted on the spot by your host.