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The Vulgar History of Atlanta

Thanks to some creative pestering in my part, Village Theatre agreed to help me stage a play I wrote called The Vulgar History of Atlanta. I was thrilled and flattered to have a number of extremely talented actors audition for the show. We rehearsed for almost three months, then put it on stage on Dec…

By jimhodgson January 15, 2019 0

My Weekend at Hotel Terrible

I read the reviews of the Ramada Plaza & Conference Center by Wyndham Louisville before I went there, so I knew I was in for … something. “Nasty place STAY AWAY,” one review read. On the other hand, one of my author pals said that the writing conference being held there was not to be…

By jimhodgson October 9, 2018 0

Malcom Gladwell is Mad at Satire

I like Malcom Gladwell’s work because I want to feel smart without doing the work of research or analysis. Remember when he dropped that 10,000 hours knowledge bomb? People devoted their lives to that pup like it was god’s own pinned tweet. Well, old Gladdie’s gone and fired a shot at Satire. In doing so…

By jimhodgson September 17, 2018 0