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2 – Love and Loss and Woodwinds with Ray_Thompson

If you’re near Atlanta, this month you can see me performing at Towne Cinema in Avondale May 25th. I will hosting Decaturish’s Folks To Give, a comedy show to support Find out more about that at This week we have a submission from Ray_Thompson. Find his work here: On twitter at…

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1 – Statement of Purpose

In this first-ever episode of The Outliners, I lay out what the podcast hopes to achieve as well as what it won’t be. I also take a swipe at GRRM. He’s rich. He can handle it. Many thanks to Sean Connery Probably for the introductory section. That was much appreciated, sir. Have a listen. Thank…

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Hacked for the millionth time

Twice a year or so I get a message from my web host saying that WordPress has been hacked again. It happened yesterday. Again. That’s what I’m dealing with right now. Thanks for looking at my site. Your humble author appreciates your support. Sorry it’s a flaming shambles at present.

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