Review: Gay Future, A Narrative Podcast

When Bad Gladiator, the audio drama my comedy group produced, came out in January, we were lucky enough to be written about by The Bello Collective in a roundup of new audio dramas out that January.

That article was great for my own vanity but also because I learned about a little podcast called Gay Future.

For my money, Gay Future is the best podcast in the world.

Gay Future is so good that it presents a huge problem for me, because I now have to figure out how to be a better comedy writer and show producer… and I was already doing my best.

I have already tweeted about it a bunch as myself and as Bad Gladiator, but it bears repeating, especially now that I’ve listened to the final episode of their first season, that Gay Future is hilariously awesome in every way.

Here’s the blurb:

The year is 2062 and everyone is gay.

A totalitarian government rules over what’s left of North America to spread its insidious gay agenda.

Humanity’s only hope for a rebellion rests on the shoulders of a precocious teenage boy who harbors a dark secret:

He’s straight.

A new podcast adaptation of a recently discovered, never released YA novel by Mike Pence.

I love that premise so much I want to crap out of my eyes. The writing is stellar, the acting is positively hilarious, and the sound design is better than any I’ve ever heard on any podcast full stop.

I think you should listen to Gay Future immediately. I think you should take careful note of the people involved and throw heaps of money at them. It’s one of those rare, truly excellent pieces of artwork that compounds my love of comedy writing exponentially… bitches.

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