The Vulgar History of Atlanta

Thanks to some creative pestering in my part, Village Theatre agreed to help me stage a play I wrote called The Vulgar History of Atlanta.

I was thrilled and flattered to have a number of extremely talented actors audition for the show. We rehearsed for almost three months, then put it on stage on Dec 6, 2018. My dad and stepdad came to see opening night and, thankfully, an audience did too.

It has been one of the great joys of my life putting this show together. I wrote it, directed it, designed the music and sound cues, built the sets, and dressed the stage. I made the actors dress themselves. I planned and paid for all the marketing.

Thanks to all our hard work on the show, we were invited to come on Lois Reitzes’ City Lights on WABE 90.1, the NPR affiliate in Atlanta. I asked one of our talented actors, Jaymi Curley, to join me in the studio and she was able to take off work to come be interviewed.

It’s hard to express what putting this together has really meant for me. I have been involved with theatre since I was 6 years old. I was in shows all through high school, college, and into my professional life. To be able to join a brilliant cast in taking a small place in the tradition of theatre is a joy too great.

I am insufferably proud of the cast and the show. We’re running through March 2019. I hope you’ll come see it.

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