25 – D. Alan Lewis and Gears of Love

My guest this episode is D. Alan Lewis, possibly the bravest man alive. He leapt into an open seat on this podcast with no explanation or warning or anything. That’s a leap of faith similar to the one when Indiana Jones stepped off that ledge in the last good Indiana Jones movie and it ended up he was stepping onto a ledge of green screen.

Anyway, I really appreciate it, Alan. Find his work here and give it a look-see: http://snowflakegarden.com

Also at Hypericon we also met our new pal John Horner Jacobs. Find his work and his recap of the weekend here including a photo of me with a beer on a panel. Shameful display: http://www.johnhornorjacobs.com/hypericon-roundup/

As for me, my new book, “Apprentice Quest” is live for pre-order! Grab that here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FFDWF8L

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