23 – Jonathan French and the Grey Bastards

On this episode I want to take a minute to celebrate friend of the podcast Jonathan French and his “The Grey Bastards” book launch with Crown. I recorded our conversation at Eagle Eye Books at his launch event so you’ll get to hear that too.

Check out Jonathan’s work at his site here: https://www.jonathanfrenchbooks.com/

In us news, Outliners is going on the road! I will be traveling to Hypericon in Nashville July 6th – 8th to talk about writing and sell books, and one of the panels I’ll be on will be an outliners, so look forward to that. http://hypericon.net/

The show I (half) directed, Summer of Sketch & Moby Sketch, runs for two more weeks at Village Theatre. Grab tickets at http://sketchworkscomedy.com

My show Atlanta Explained is going to do a short, free version of itself at village Saturday June 30th, 7PM. 30 minutes long. Join us for that.

There will be a whole bunch of discounted books starting next week through Kindle Countdown deals. They’ll be $.99:
Santa vs. Krampus: June 24th – July 1st
Santa Suits: July 1st – 8th
Battle for ATL: July 8th – 15th
Find those book on the main page of my site here: http://jimhodgson.com

Thanks for listening! If you’re an author who would like to be a guest, find out more here.

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