2018 goal: ten books, 1 million words

One wisdom oft heard in the indie publishing industry is that we should write fast, write to market, and write in a series. The theory goes that more books in a series make it more attractive to the reader. I intend to spend this year putting it to the test.

I got into Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series late, but when I did I was glad to see so many books. I also recall waiting with fingers aflutter for Robert Jordan’s tenth book in his 6-book Wheel of Time series. That series, if I recall correctly, fetched up in the end at 14 books. Hitchhiker’s Guide was a “trilogy in four parts,” when the fourth book came out, then 5 parts, etc. Good times.

Numbers are hard.

A million words sounds like a lot, and it is. Broken down to weekdays it comes out at about 3800 words per work day. But at this rate, I’d have no wiggle room for contingencies. So, it’s 5000 words per week day for me.

Here’s a link to a chart that will show how I’m doing.

Right now it’s a little bit of a struggle to make that happen every working day, but it’s true that one big difference between me and authors making a lot more money than I am is that they simply have more books. Take a look at Robert Bevan’s excellent catalog, or Christopher Moore, or Barry Hutchinson. Do look at all those authors. They’re hilarious.

My plan was to keep writing one-offs until one seemed like it took off and then follow that with sequels, but I’m led to understand that sometimes a series doesn’t take off until there are five or more books in it.

Breakfast Serial

I’m going to start by writing a lot in the Santa vs. Krampus series. It has 92% positive reviews and 75% five star reviews, so that’s encouraging.

Regardless, 2018 should be an interesting year. I just delivered the 3rd book in the Santa vs. Krampus series to the editors and expect to have that out in a couple of weeks while I write the fourth one.

Thanks for reading. It means a lot. For me this is a dream, a privilege, and my job.

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