I Owe Miley Cyrus an Apology

A video made the rounds last week of Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon, dressed as Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, singing “Islands in the Stream.” It’s two people going to great costuming- and set-design lengths to have some silly fun, which is what TV should be, really.

In the process of having that fun, though, they inadvertently showed us how skilled a singer Miley is, as well as the difference between a professional singer (Cyrus) and a talented amateur (Fallon). I’m not taking anything away from Jimmy, I’m just saying you can really hear how good Miley is next to him.

I owe her an apology. I thought she was all post-production. Obviously, that is not the case. Miley is, to quote the song, the “real thing.” Watch this.

When you listen to Fallon sing the intro, I think you’ll agree he does a respectable job. He’s not too pitchy, he looks relaxed, we’re all having fun. Then Miley starts singing and all of a sudden we get a look at what a pro can do with a voice.

For me, the difference is in her ability to jump from interval to interval. Whereas Fallon needs a few microseconds to jump from note to note, Miley’s notes are sharp as stair steps. Granted, Fallon is also putting on a scratchy Rogers impersonation, which only makes his job harder, but still.

When Miley leans back and gets into her full voice it’s pretty amazing.

Miley, I hereby publicly apologize for not giving you the full credit you and your skill deserve. Well done you.

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