Wonderbook Literary Open House Wrapup

I thought it might be fun to gather some of my local Atlanta author friends and have a relaxed hangout, and I’m pleased to say I was right about that.

I grabbed my pals Jonathan French, Catie Hogan, Robert Bevan, and Bobby Nash. We all piled into my friend Boyd’s coworking space in Candler park called Wondershop, and we put a sign outside to let people know that they could find authors within.

And lo! Not only did people come in to see what we had going on, but they bought books. They also chatted with the authors and even plunked their names down to be included on mailing lists. It was pretty cool.

It went so well that I’m considering trying something a little more ambitious next time. Overall, I’m emboldened that people were so willing to come in and find out what we were up to. People want books, it seems. Paper ones, even!

This bodes well.

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