15 – Paul Dale and Future Cost

Special miniguest this week, the Girl Child makes an appearance while waiting for the bus. Our actual guest is Paul Dale, author of the amazing Dark Lord’s Handbook.

I love Dark Lord’s Handbook because it has such a reverence for fantasy tropes even as it is defying them or turning them on their heads. It’s a tough line to walk but Paul Dale handles it with great skill. If you’re into any kind of humorous fantasy I can guarantee you this is a book to read immediately.

Paul and I are both cyclists but, for the sake of the listener, we agreed not to discuss bikes for fear of boring you senseless. You’re welcome.

Find Paul Dale on his site here: http://www.pauladdale.co.uk/
And on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Dale/e/B0075CK60K/

Thanks for listening!

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