15 Names for Science Fiction/Fantasy Characters

Feel free to use these in your work if you like. You don’t have to credit me if you do, but I’d love to hear about it. Also, I want a walk-on role in your TV/movie adaptation.

  1. Tarn Bwango
  2. Debbil Flot
  3. Scinious the Vile
  4. Soup Clatter
  5. Bowneedle
  6. Zekchiff Ustle
  7. Futsie Canwhistle
  8. Duntson MacGibbon
  9. Shedley Farson Feltree
  10. Dupp
  11. Salubrious Cheddar
  12. Missie Emstein
  13. Slam Chockrock
  14. Becky “Beck the Wreck” Wreckler
  15. Phil Boot

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