12 – Jim McDoniel and the Diaries of a Human

12 – Jim McDoniel and the Diaries of a Human

July 26, 2017 0 By jimhodgson

I hunted Jim McDoniel down and respectfully demanded that he be a guest on this podcast because I loved his book “An Unattractive Vampire” so much. I highly recommend it.

In the book, an ancient and properly evil vampire, Yulric Bile, awakens in our modern age to discover that vampires are fit, sexy, and worst of all, covered in glitter. Horrifying.

Book discussed, Jim must enter the crucible of outlining and do battle with a prompt from Scott Meyer. Which he does!

Find Jim on the web here: http://www.jimmcdoniel.com/
On Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jimmcdoniel

Jim was a great guest. I’m glad I hunted him down. I think you guys are going to like this episode a lot.