10 – Catie Hogan and the High Seas

Catie Hogan is my friend and fellow sketch writer from Sketchworks here in Atlanta. When she started submitting sketches to Sketchworks, the rest of us in the writer’s room had to re-evaluate the level of our work to try to get up on the bar she raised. She’s that kind of good.

She’s also been on McSweeneys, the Scold, and she’s doing her best to help people understand what it takes to be financially literate while making them laugh. It’s a tall order, but she’s killing it.

Find her on McSweeney’s here: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/i-googled-intersectionality-so-now-im-totally-woke
Find her funny financial planner work here: https://www.aol.com/finance-collective/the-funny-financial-planner/
We both write for Sketchworks: http://www.sketchworkscomedy.com/

She also just started her own podcast with her sister: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/get-it-together-with-catie-and-erin/id1247294531?mt=2

Catie’s prompt came from John Hartness. I got really excited about this novel idea. I think you guys are gonna love it.

Thanks for listening!

You can also find this podcast on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-outliners/id1233690757

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