Book Report: An Unattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel

Glittery vampires have had their day. Even Tom Cruise’s Lestat, with his frilly cuffs and meaningful glares, had his moment in the — forgive me — sun.

Mr. McDoniel’s main character, Yulric Bile, would happily crash something very heavy into the lot of them. For that, he must be our new favorite vampire.

The vampire Yulric has awakened after quite a long time under the earth to find that vampires are now sexy, preening TV stars with a code of conduct and no taste for proper violence. This irritates him, as it should.

This book is a hilarious (but not glittery) look at an ancient horror. It’s a great example of what a humorous book can be, not to mention a great example of what a vampire book can be.

If you’re into my brand of dark humor, weird fiction, things that go fart in the night, you’ll enjoy this one.

Go get “An Unattractive Vampire” on Amazon, then tell the author you liked it.

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